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Regulations Guidelines

Building Codes:

2019 Building Codes take effect January 1, 2020.  They have now been published - time to learn about them!  You can see, but not print, them at the Building Standards Commission website:  Click here

2016 Energy Code (Title 24 Part 6) at Energy Commission Website

2019 Energy Code (Title 24 Part 6) at Energy Commission Website

Energy Code Training - EnergyCodeAce.com

Building Standards Commission

Housing and Community Development


Camp Fire

There are many good resources for Building Industry professionals to stay current with the Ridge Rebuild and Housing Shortage activities.  Here are a few:





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Developer Resources

We encourage adventurous souls with a strong understanding of financials, marketing, construction, and housing needs to investigate becoming a Developer.

Here are some websites to help:

National Association of Homebuilders

Council of Development Finance Agencies

California Municipal Finance Authority






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2017 Housing Package Legislation

In 2017, 15 bills were passed and signed in to law called the "Housing Package."  California HCD set up a website so builders and developers can follow the progress on the implementation of the 15 bills' requirements.

Click here for the 2017 Housing Package Website.

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