Membership Dues 

Join Chico Builders Association to ensure your voice is heard and the Building Industry in Chico continues to thrive.

Builder/ Developer  >20 units                    $5,000

Builder/Developer <20 units                       $2,500

General Contractor                                        $1,000

Land Owner                                                     $1,000

Associate/ Professional/ Supplier                $1,000

Small Company Member                              $   500

Sub-Contractor/ Trade                                   $   500

Dues support our ability to have an association in Chico dedicated to affordable building.  Thank you for being part of Chico Builders Association!

CBA Membership Packet_October 2018v2Download CBA Membership info here

Complete it and mail it to Chico Builders Association, 121 Yellowstone Dr, Chico or call our office and give the information over the phone.