Chico Builders Association is Focused on Making Construction Affordable in Chico

Chico is unique in many ways.  Among them, an active and engaged building industry.  Chico Builders Association members care about how Chico grows.

We advocate, educate and partner to make building affordable for housing and jobs. Our vision is to make Chico affordable again for families, first time homebuyers, and companies that provide well-paying middle-class careers.

Our members are the builders, developers, suppliers, architects, engineers, bankers, mortgage lenders and other professionals that make the building industry a huge economic driver in Chico.  We work on the current issues of the day to build an affordable Chico.  Join us!


CBA brings a voice for our industry to policy creation, future growth and affordable living.  Learn more...





Working together to keep our industry informed and help educate how policy changes impact the building industry and affordability in Chico.  Learn more...


As representatives for the Chico Building Industry, we are partners with staff, policymakers and private enterprises in regard to building.  Together we can do more.  Learn more...

Building News

Development Impact Fees approved June 2018

June 15, 2018

After 2.5 years, we have updated Development Impact Fees.  They will become effective August 6, 2018. Click here to download…

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Chico Land Absorption Study is Available!

August 10, 2018

The purpose of the study is to provide objective information about Chico’s development trends, current projected and actual land supply,…

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Housing Attainability

October 25, 2018

It All Comes Down to a Shortage of Housing. Housing is key to economic development.  A healthy housing market would…

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Housing Shortage Mushrooms

November 23, 2018

Our work prior to November 8 on land availability, the construction workforce shortage  and the housing shortage now must be…

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Join Chico Builders Association to ensure your voice is heard and the Building Industry in Chico continues to thrive.